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Add Protobuf messages into gRPC errors.

I had encountred a number of times for the need to give a structured message through gRPC errors The default Go err or status.Errorf functions are simple strings by default. func (s *Server) LintFile(ctx context.Context, req *LintRequest) (*LintResponse, error) { lintRes, err := lint(ctx, req.GetFile()) if err != nil { // lintRes is a protbuf message containing detailed error // for each line in the given file. return nil, status.New(codes.FailedPrecondition, "File isn't valid")....

May 8, 2022 · 1 min · Or Elimelech

Build a datalake on top of BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a very powerful, serverless data warehosue that lets you ingest unlimited data on a pay-per-use basis (storage + querying). The primary advantage of data warehouses is the ability to quickly query and analyze immense amounts of structured data. Modern data warehouses support new, unstructured data types such as JSON, Avro, and so on, which makes these data warehouses a great contender for data lakes. BigQuery recently added native JSON column type, which we can leverage for our semi-structured lakehouse....

March 14, 2022 · 4 min · Or Elimelech